Over the last 15 years I have completely transformed my career, health, relationships, finances and healed from my past traumas, and now live in a place of gratitude and ongoing learning.  I have (and still do some days) struggled with codependency and people pleasing, with remembering to use my voice and my power, with overthinking and analysis paralysis, with trusting the Universe/God to guide me, with remembering who I am instead of who the world wants me to be, with remembering to love myself and lavish myself with self-care, with falling for the negative voice in my head, and with remembering to trust my intuition. However, thankfully, the work gets easier and easier over time as I continue to remain committed to my growth and learning. Now I have more days than in the past when I am living in my authentic self, fully in my power and intuition and living out my divine design.

I believe my divine design is to help others through coaching, courses and my writing to reclaim their authenticity, power and inner knowing, to discover their own purpose and truth and live it. I provide the questions and the space to explore, and I believe that you already have the answers inside of you. Our work together is to overcome the things that get in the way of you living your authentic life (fear, expectations, shoulds, mental blocks, etc). I am a partner with you, and I know that you have the strength and wisdom within you to make it happen. My goal is to create a space where you can tap into your own intuition to powerfully guide your decisions. What I bring to this partnership is my intuition, my personal experience, tools I’ve relied upon in my own journey of healing and what I’ve seen that helps others. I tap into the connection to the divine for inspiration and I trust that when we work together, everything is possible.

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