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Sat, Jan 20



Power Circle Retreat Fully Virtual January 2024

**The exact date of this retreat are being finalized**

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Power Circle Retreat Fully Virtual January 2024
Power Circle Retreat Fully Virtual January 2024

Time & Location

Jan 20, 2024, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST


About the event

Recharge, renew, and reconnect with yourself and a powerful circle of humans in this one-day retreat (In-person and Online).

About the Retreat:

You yearn for a life filled with:

  • Intuition-led alignment, trust in yourself, and trust in your path
  • Curiosity and openness to growth, to create new possibilities in your life
  • Grounded peace with your failures along the path to your greatest dreams

but you struggle with:

  • Overthinking and indecision about significant and insignificant next steps, keeping you up at night but failing to make important decisions
  • Getting stuck in a depressive shame spiral, your self-abusive inner voice berating you about past actions you wish you had or hadn’t done
  • erfectionism paralysis or anxiety that stops you from taking any action, and then results in acting from fear when you are forced to make a decision
  • Being your inauthentic self around others: being different personas in order to be accepted, to avoid taking up space or rocking the boat - but then end up feeling like you are losing yourself.
  • An unending cycle of setting personal goals, quickly failing at keeping them, and then beating yourself up for it.

Know that you are not alone. We have been there and still return there some days.

If you are like us, you have already:

  • Practiced affirmations, positive self talk, prayer and/or focusing on higher vibrations
  • Followed teachers, gurus, and thought leaders for guidance on how to proceed
  • Gone through hours of coaching, therapy, and exploration of personal self-help tools
  • Immersed yourself in every self-help book or podcast you could get your hands on
  • Used every planning, goal-setting, habit-creation tool you could find


  • feel frustration and shame for not being able to create the change you are looking for
  • feel worse because you are comparing yourself to others who are also “doing the work”
  • have spent a ton of money without fully getting the change you are hoping for

You keep hoping there is a better way, a way that leads to the peace you are searching for, but you’ve almost given up thinking that your future could be different than your present.

WE’VE STARTED to find a path out of this and towards real peace. WE’D LOVE to share and experience it with you!

Join us for a one-day Power Circle retreat where we experience together what we are beginning to see is our path to real change:

1. Connecting to Source - to our own internal GPS and to a love-filled Creator

2. Releasing shame and embracing accountability

3. Radical self-knowledge and acceptance

When: January


Online: We will send a meeting link when you register and pay the registration fee.

Who: You are invited to attend if you are of any gender/non-binary and are looking for a place to recharge, renew and reconnect with yourself and a group of humans.

Cost: Chose your price based on what works for your budget (Range is $100-$250 which includes the retreat materials and the results of your assessment)

What to Bring: We ask that you bring a water bottle, a notebook/journal and pen, and an openness and curiosity about yourself and your journey. There will be an hour for lunch during which there are optional break out conversations so be prepared to have a meal available.

Hear what a few past participants have said about this retreat:

“I loved the content… it was definitely life-changing.”

"I was able to join and participate in the Power Circle Retreat via Zoom.  It was perfect timing for me given where I am in my life and my yearning to mature and grow from within based on my life experiences.  I have struggled at times with trusting in myself and second guessing the decisions I have made. I will be using the materials from this retreat as a guide to help me through my times of indecision. I also have a tendency to overthink negative outcomes, however the Accountability Matrix will now be my "go to" to help me put a negative situation into perspective by writing statements about Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, and Moving Forward.  Michelle, Mitra and Amaris were fantastic co-hosts.  There was a natural flow to the content, beautiful music and interactive for both those in-person and those on Zoom.  I would recommend this retreat for those that are curious and ready to open their minds."

"I really enjoyed my experience at the retreat. The exercises were a great way for me to identify how best to harness my strengths, so I can continue to show up in every aspect of my life as my authentic self."

"The Power Circle Retreat was like having a sleepover with best friends, with lots of snacks! It was warm and comforting and offered a safe space to share, laugh, cry, and just be open. I highly recommend it no matter where you find yourself in life. The instructors were wonderful and loved the music playlists from DJ Threadworthi!"


Who Are We:

Mitra Milani Engan - coach, entrepreneur, insightful woman, mother, wife, daughter, and raven. Mitra has experienced anxiety and depression since childhood and now is on the road of radical self-acceptance. It’s part of her life’s work to accompany people on their own paths through darkness and light, co-discovering the peace available to all of us. Click here to learn more about Mitra's work.

Amaris Whitaker - seer, technical specialist, daughter, bunny, and spiritual giant. Amaris is done apologizing for taking up space. She strives to shrink her anxiety and rejection filled loneliness due to having to navigate the world differently than others. She knows that her paths  are to (a) expand access for people inside community-growth spaces by enabling engaging virtual experiences and (b) to guide others to reclaim their power and voice, as she does so herself. Follow Amaris on Instagram at @threadworthi_inside and TikTok at @threadworthi.

Michelle Layli Farnsworth - author, coach, entrepreneur, daughter, mother, spiritual guide, sacred space of peace, and condor. Michelle is released from people-pleasing, constant indecision and constant overthinking, and she is opening up to a spirit-led life filled with undreamt of joys and inspirations. These are planted in the fertile ground of forgiven failures, deep connection to Source, self-acceptance, and knowledge. Click here for more on Michelle and her work. She can also be found on Instagram @follow_your_design_rediscovery and @spirit_led_nomad, as well as on her Facebook group @followyourdesign.

Program details:

We will begin our retreat by connecting to Source - to our own internal GPS and to a love-filled Creator.

Michelle will guide us through her deep understanding of the powerful force of intuition that we have within each of us, as well as her profound experience of Creator as an unconditional source of love and support. We will explore what we need to unlearn and then learn about our understanding of ourselves, why we were created, and our relationship to that which created us.

We will break for lunch and then will continue forward into a group activity regarding un-shaming ourselves and embracing true accountability through an Accountability Matrix that leads to lasting and love-filled change.

Finally, based on our deepening connection with Source and loving accountability, we take a deep dive into understanding, accepting and loving ourselves exactly for who we are. 

Mitra will guide us in a process of self-discovery that will focus on identifying and clarifying our natural strengths, talents, motivators and blindspots. This new, deeper level of self-knowledge can help us sharpen the clarity of our work, relationships, family dynamics, and spiritual life.

Registration Process:

1. Click on the RSVP link below to complete the registration form.

2. Look for an email from Mainspring Foundations to pay the registration fee you chose through Paypal.

3. Look for your confirmation email that shares how to prepare for the retreat.

Questions? Email


  • 2 hours

    Connecting to Source

  • 1 hour


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