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Paisajes Retreat Center Retreats

For those who are looking to create space and time in your life to focus on you and your journey we offer retreats centered around a theme that supports your Design.

We also offer respite for those who need an unstructured space to reenergize, recuperate, refocus, relax and heal from whatever life has thrown your way. 

The themes for these retreats are co-created with those who feel led to participate months in advance. The entirety of the planning will be done by us so that you can enjoy your experience. Please reach out so that we can include you as we decide on a theme and build the cohort for the next retreat (this does not obligate you to participate).

Price for a 1 week retreat which includes all food, transportation, lodging, excursions and materials (excludes airfare to the location) is $2,500 and can be paid in installments.

Mountain Lake
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