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Building Connections and Coming Home

As I lie here in contemplation of my interior space, I am drawn to my exterior space.

The way my body touches the inside of the clothes that I am wearing.

The way the weight of my body creates faint impressions on the bed on which I am lying.

The way my organs fall in my internal cavity towards gravity. 

I am further drawn into the earth and its connections to myself and also to my ancestors. 

Ancestors of all types. The human and the spiritual and the metaphorical and the symbolic and the animal and the forestal. 

I can’t speak much of this experience. I am only to experience it and so are you. 

There is much to be healed in this disconnection with our ancestors on all levels.

Of all types.

Similar to mine.

Or different.

You will have your own.

What is most important is that they are there waiting for you to find your place with them once again.

For the first time.

As if you never left.

As if you’ve never been there before.

As if all of this is true.

Because it is.

As we build physical things in this world...Our families. Our life patterns. Our careers. Our homes. Our connections. Our businesses. Our dreams. Our are they building the mirror image in the spiritual realms. 

Without our building, they cannot create the mirror.

It only works one way and so we must be about our work.

Our Cause.

Our mission.

Our purpose.

Our Design. 

When we create and they mirror, we receive the energy of response to move us forward in our next step.

We need each other.

We require the other.

We are not the "other".

We are each other.

We are.

So build dear ones.

Whatever is on your heart.

Whatever is on your mind.

Whatever wants to be built from the sweat of your body.

Whatever is yearning to be birthed through you. 

Let it be so.

Let it be, so that it can be.

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