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NEW: Follow Your Design: (Re)finding and (Re)claiming Your Design

NEW: Follow Your Design: (Re)finding and (Re)claiming Your Design

Book Two of the Follow Your Design Series


**Pre-order Now. Book will be shipped to you later in November**


In this second book of her Follow Your Design series, Michelle Layli Farnsworth returns with more loving, precise wisdom, this time about the path to (re)find and (re)claim your Design—the individual purpose for which you were created.

Carrying forward the framework from her popular book, Follow Your Design: (Re)discovering Your Truth and Purpose, Michelle Layli Farnsworth shares her latest soul-prompted poems, essays, musings, and meditations that trace the path of her own ongoing transformation as well as that of her clients and students. She shines her light on these paths to assist you in tapping into your own Noble Self (soul), so that you too may re-find and re-claim your Design.

Her beautiful words of encouragement speak to key universal truths about living a life of purpose, one that is aligned with your authentic self and the abundance of the Universe. Lofty concepts though they may be, they are delivered with warmth and practicality, so that you feel re-energized, hopeful, and ready to move forward on your journey.

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