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Michelle Layli Farnsworth is an intuitive entrepreneur and founder of the Follow Your Design Movement, Mainspring Foundations Publishing and Paisajes Lodge and Retreat Center


This path as an intuitive entrepreneur has led her, through spirit,


  • author 2 books

  • coach individuals, entrepreneurs and executives internationally

  • offer tactical and spirit-led business and financial advice, coaching and education

  • provide powerful career guidance to align people with their Design

  • found a publishing house to support authors to share their stories

  • opened a spiritual retreat center in South America


She has learned to follow spirit to guide her business ventures,

many times hearing the most unconventional guidance

and learning that when she follows it

fantastic things happen to her

and come through her

for the betterment of herself and the world.


She wasn’t always in this spirit led contented place and in fact lived 40+ years of her life in a life prescribed to her by society which included

marriage, family, a corporate job, house, and a busy life with little time for herself.

People pleasing her way through life to such an extent that she was unaware

for almost 2 decades

that she was in a dysfunctional and emotionally abusive marriage.


Fortunately she's made a series of life pivots (career, financial, familial, health, etc)

that have allowed her to embrace the Design the universe had in mind for her

as a powerful intuitive entrepreneur


Many of these life pivots were forced by circumstances and her inability to survive

if she didn’t make fundamental changes.

Being forced to change was painful

and created a ton of upheaveal in her life which is not recommended (though she did it for many years)


Only recently has she begun to learn how to make changes based on invitations from Spirit,

which has been a life changer for her.

Michelle is available to speak at retreats and conferences (virtual and in-person), lead workshops, write thought pieces for your organization, facilitate retreats, hold strategic planning sessions for entrepreneurs and business teams, and any other opportunity that allows her to share her learning and her gifts with the world.


If you are interested in working with Michelle please contact us at the link below.

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Follow Your Design Series

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eBook Amazon SIZE - Front Cover_edited.jpg


Book 2 of the Follow Your Design Series


Book 1 of the Follow Your Design Series

Whether you're looking for inspiration to make some positive changes in your life or for practical tools on how to make those changes, Follow Your Design delivers both with beautiful rawness and unflinching honesty. It's part casual conversation with the author, part intimate peek at her deep, private world, and all heart from beginning to end. A quick read you can't put down, you'll be returning to your favorite chapters time and again as you embark on your own transformational journey. A thought-provoking and insightful book.

Amazon Reader

I have been finding Michelle Layli Farnsworth to be a powerful and transformative coach in my life's journey through some thorny and difficult issues. Her voice both in this book and in coaching is authentic, gentle and direct as needed, and from the heart. I find it most valuable in learning from someone who has been through and continues the personal transformation work themselves, and Michelle qualifies. She offers inspiration to us in "Follow Your Design" to help us as readers engage in transformation ourselves. I'm now designing a new life and other readers will too.

Susanne Alexander

This book has transformed my life!

Heather Fox

This book is incredibly authentic, uplifting and clear. She weaves her story of learning, growth and transformation in a smooth hopeful pattern! Whenever I re-read sections, more meaning jump out at me. When I was having a tough day, I reached for her book for a nugget of wisdom

Leah Collette

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