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Deep Dive Coaching




Our work together is to overcome the things that get in the way (fear, expectations, shoulds, mental blocks, etc) of you living your Design.

I am a partner with you, and I know that you have the strength and wisdom within you to make it happen.

My goal is to create a space where you can tap into your own intuition to powerfully guide your decisions.


  • Supporting You to Tap into Your Own Intuition for Powerful Transformation

  • Intuitive Reads of What Blocks You From Your Power

  • Uncovering Patterns (Healthy/Unhealthy)

  • Resolving Past Trauma

  • Asking for What You are Worth Financially

  • Mind/Body Connection

  • Root Cause Analysis of Internal Mindset's Impact on External Actions

  • (Re)connecting with your true self (Noble Self)

  • Changing People Pleasing Behavior

  • Blocks to Intimacy (Sexual and Personal)

  • Customized to the Client Needs

WHAT TO EXPECT: I see coaching as a partnership where you bring your expertise (about yourself) and I bring my expertise (compassion, holding space, tools, intuition and questions to help you find your answers) on a journey to help you find your authentic Inner Self and live a life in alignment with her/him/them.

Our sessions will include grounding exercises, discovery questions, tools and homework between sessions, and will occur on a frequency that works for your life and your goals for the work and will happen over Zoom. You will choose the focus of the work and I am there in the journey to accompany you.

COST: My fee is $150 USD/hour.

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey to finding and living your Design and I look forward to meeting you in a free preliminary 30 minute call to ensure we are a fit and to determine our work together.

Please use the button below to schedule the call!


What Her Clients Say

Michelle is a superb listener so I really felt paid attention to in ways I hadn't felt in years. She was able to tailor her coaching to what I needed at that time, and her follow-up in the next session transformed the learnings into concrete progress. I got a lot of personal and spiritual growth through my sessions.

Lynn McClive

I appreciated Michelle's encouragement to delve deeper to release what was no longer serving me and celebrate each resolve that I accomplished in the coaching process. She is guided by master intuitive skills, attentive communication skills and using her customized plan helped me see specific objectives and focus on the guided coaching process. I'm grateful for her coaching process that has allowed me to fully walk in my authentic Noble Self.

Carlisa Carter Jacobs

Michelle has walked beside me and blown wind beneath my wings as I am in a transformation process that blows my mind. She is truly unique in the ways she frees my mind from the limitations I have allowed to hold me for most of my life.  Thanks to Michelle, I now feel myself experiencing a mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom I've not experienced before. This is infusing my days with the kind of energy - to simply be, to love life, and to work with passion - that I've only ever dreamed of. Michelle is helping me bring my dreams and intentions into the world of daily reality. 


A Young Woman Reading a Book


To support your journey in (Re)finding and (Re)claiming Your Design you may also find these resources of use. You are invited to use them as part of your individual coaching with me (I will guide you on which ones align with our work together) or explore them on your own.

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