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Using My Voice

I want to speak to something that has been on my mind and heart.

I have not been posting or writing recently about the current genocide or the ongoing pandemic of mass shootings in the US or the hundreds of other atrocities happening around our globe.

I have been posting about intuition and embodiment and grounding and rest and finding your life’s purpose (both here and in all the other channels where I share my passion for these topics).

This may seem like a contradiction.

It may seem like I am ignoring important things.

That I’m not using my voice.

And I get it.

I’ve been very vocal about lots and lots of these things for many many years.

Here’s the thing.

My intuition is telling my quite clearly that what I’m posting currently IS using my voice.

What I’m posting about intuition, and staying firmly in our bodies, and resting so we can keep moving forward, and not allowing the troubles of the world to sway our inner mooring, ARE key skills in the long game.

The world is falling apart.

The world is also coming together.

That’s alot of upheaval.

It’s very unsettling.

We MUST have the skills to learn how to stay deeply rooted and stable in our own knowing, our own bodies and our own center through intuition, rest and community.

When we are off our center we can be tipped over by the most recent news article, sensational headline or politician’s promise.

We must get and stay so rooted that we can actually be helpful to each other in this time.

So that we can be our own and each others calm in these storms.

We each have a part to play.

Many are speaking up, fighting, keeping the message front and center and I applaud that.

Many are raising money, founding or supporting organizations making change in the world and I’m so happy this is happening.

What I have found is that this, this is what I offer: the skills to find and keep our grounding.

I’ve been consistently called to it for the past few years and the request from spirit to continue and increase what I share has gotten even clearer, so here I am.

We are all in this world and this fight, and this building of something new as things fall apart, and each of us has our own particular part of the overall Design to complete.

May we each find and follow it.

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