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We are an intuitive entrepreneurial consortium

creating new ways of working and being based on spirit-led efficiencies

that allow us to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

We are an evolving collaborative space that include:

Publishing House to Support Self-Publishing Authors

Power Circle Retreat Series Hybrid Format (in-person and online)

Follow Your Design Coaching Program

Strategic Organizational Leadership Program

Spirit-Led Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

Coming Soon:

Healing and Respite Center in Costa Rica

Virtual Small Business Incubator

You can also find us on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube



Every portion of our consortium is creating and continue to refine new ways of working and being based on:

  • Unlearning outdated models of employment, work, investment and impact

  • Creating structures that encourage and require authenticity on an individual, organizational and community level

  • Focusing on a Return on Investment (ROI) for money, resources and time

from investors, business owners, employees, clients and community

  • Organizational designs that support the entire human being - clients as well as employers/entrepreneurs

  • Work ethic based on intuition AND practicality, creating high impact in the world

  • Interdependence with a focus on integration with the local communities where we are based.

We welcome you to join our journey:

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Reach out to connect regarding how you can become involved in any of our programs and upcoming plans. 


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