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Fairy Lights


For those who have always known they had a book inside of them that they were meant to write.

We offer a standard program to turn your finished book into a published book that includes:

  • Support for formatting in print and ebook format

  • ISBN number (ID number used for each published book)

  • Publication of your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and on-line retailers all over the US, Europr and Australia as well as on-demand printing (giving you the option to direct customers directly online, and having copies to sell in person yourself)

Price: $2,350 USD/book

If you would like a customized program that would include all of the above plus cover design, marketing materials, website shop support, mini author website and/or coaching to support the sharing of your creative product, or other additional services we can connect and create a publishing proposal for between $4,000 and $7,800 USD.

If you are interested in our standard program or a customized program please click below to contact us.

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