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Divine Journey

In the journey of claiming your Design embracing uncertainty is key.

At first this uncertainty is present because once you know you have a Noble Self [soul] and a Shadow Self [ego] (and you begin to understand that both are important to your development and that Noble Self is meant, in its wisdom and connection to the divine, to be in charge) you can never unlearn this.

The uncertainty stems from the fact that you realize that you don't yet know who is speaking at any given moment and so you become wary about listening to yourself at all. But as your Noble Self's voice gets stronger and your Shadow Self gets healed and gets less agitated, your decisions are made with more clarity and more certainty.

Then you reach another stage of uncertainty. However this uncertainty feels different. While the uncertainty of the first stage was that of fear of the unknown and mistrust of the self, the uncertainty of this stage is closer to curiosity and openness to the unexpected.

This stage of uncertainty is reached when you've tasted your Design and you've felt the embodiment of living it even if for fleeting moments at first. You are not uncertain of your answer or your Design anymore - that is clear.

What is uncertain is how you are going to get there exactly.

Until you realize that there is no getting there or not being there - there is only the journey.

When you have tasted your Design you are ON the journey. You are on your way.

You will have days when you feel closer to it than others but you know where you are headed. You may have days or even weeks or months when you lose connection to it because of the busyness of life but you still know it is there.

And in divine timing you move, step by step, on your journey of your Design. You have no idea where you will go or what will be there for you along the journey.

But you take the journey because your life feels less than fully complete until you can live your Design and so you let it take over your life because that is where peace is found. That is where alignment is. That is where life is.

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