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Quddus and Michelle Miller Farnsworth

Invite you to our Wedding Celebration

July 6, 2024

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

We are so happy you are here!!

On April 20 of this year we had an intimate sacred marriage ceremony with simply ourselves, two witnesses (as required by the Bahai Faith) and our moms who joined by Zoom.


It was a special day and now we want to include our family, friends and community to celebrate with us, as a successful marriage is enriched by the love and support of those around us.


We will exchange our wedding bands in the company of you all and enjoy festivities and fun together. The main event will be on Saturday July 6 at 11am but we also plan to host an outdoor picnic on Friday evening, and a brunch on Sunday morning, so that we have spaces to build community. Come for just the big day, come in early or stay on for more, or all of the above!

Now onto a little about us, our story and of course all the details!! (Note: This page will be updated with details as they become clear so be sure to check back regularly.)

With Love,

Quddus and Michelle


How it all started

Back in 1975 (before Michelle was around) Quddus and his family attended her parents wedding at Green Acre Baha'i School in Eliot, Maine [He's the tall kid in the picture ogling the cake that Michelle's grandmother is about to cut - ever the sweet tooth!]

The two families lost touch....

48 years later

September of 2023 Quddus returned to Green Acre, this time as a chef, instead of a cake ogling kid. He knew in his heart that he was there for a reason, but he didn't yet know what it was. 

In November, a few months later, that reason walked down the hall in Green Acre to volunteer in the kitchen. 

He may have ogled her... but more importantly by the end of the weekend it was clear to both of them that energetically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally there was something special there and that together they could build something powerful in the world.  

However Michelle was moving to Costa Rica in 4 days...


International Connection

From the moment Michelle left Green Acre they were committed to staying in touch and seeing if they could build a relationship long distance.


Michelle settled into her life in Costa Rica and into her plan of founding a Center to bring her coaching clients and others to recuperate and rejuvenate in the powerful energy of that country.

Quddus continued his career goals at Green Acre and, because he has always been a smart man, he knew he had to pursue this woman if he was going to have her in his life. He traveled to visit her in Costa Rica twice in the winter of 2024.

Michelle is also a pretty intelligent woman and she knew she needed to reciprocate, and so in March of 2024 she traveled to him.

What she thought would be only a three week trip to Maine, turned into three months...and counting...


In the early stages of their relationship they didn't share with many people as it felt so sacred and that it was important to privately tend their new relationship. 

In March, 4 months into their relationship, they decided to share with friends and family and this is what they each wrote:

Life Partners

It was clear after Michelle arrived in Maine that she had found her life partner, and Quddus felt the same.

They decided to start their lives together as a married couple in April 20 in a small sacred ceremony


Intimate Ceremony

April 20, 2024

Marriage Celebration

Overview and Goals

Marriage Celebration
Location and Details


Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Event Info


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