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Free to Be

The hardest step is the first. The one where we say what we’ve been meaning to say. Where we finally do the thing we’ve been meaning to do. Where we finally let go of the thing that is weighing us down. Where we stop believing the stories we’ve been saying about ourselves and others and the world in general. Where we drop expectations that the world and we have about us, and just live. Where we let go of control of the future and trying to rewrite the past.

The one where we are just in the NOW with the words of now being spoken, the thing of now being done, the burden being let go for now, the only stories being of right now, with no expectations for now, just now, no control of the past or the future.

And in that one moment we are free to be and to breathe and to live and to flourish. Find that one moment and even if you find only one a day or one a week or one a month, you have tasted freedom.

Know that the real freedom of life is just waiting to greet you. Choose one thing: to learn how to speak your truth, to follow you intuition on the next guided thing, to learn how to let go of the burden, to learn how to identify and drop the expectations that don’t serve, to rewrite your stories or choose new ones, to learn how to let go of control.

If you succeed in even one of these in your lifetime, you have done incredible work. And you won’t just have moments of freedom, you will have a lifetime of freedom.


“Open your arms to the heavens and imagine sacred bounty pouring down, more than you can hold. This is love’s gift of plenty to you. Imagine what it is you want – love, abundance, peace, passion, healing, purpose. Let it all descend into your body and soul – just like that.

When you are ready, place your hands on your heart and say: “I am love’s own. I am seated with my guide, who loves me unconditionally, upon the love seat in the sacred garden of the Divine Creator. I am blessed to fulfill my destiny, to become divinely awakened and embodied, to receive all of life with the wings of angels at my back, so I may rise with my sacred animal feet to dance with sacred delight upon this earth.

Put your hands in prayer. Bow your head for a moment. You have finished your sacred honoring ritual.”

Rumi Oracle, Let Love Transform Card, Alana Fairchild

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