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Trauma's Divine Timing

All of life is a journey. Some things that happen are happy and some are harder. Some events you can process in the moment and some you can’t or don’t yet know how.

When you learn the tools to process these things, you find that they re-emerge. They re-emerge for you to excavate the message that the trauma or the difficult occurrence is trying to tell you, for you to learn the lesson you weren’t ready yet to take in and metabolize.

Life is a spiral where sometimes events you thought you had processed years before show up again to reveal the next layer. This doesn’t mean that your first processing was incomplete but rather that you are ready for the next depth of meaning to be shared.

This shows your progress, not that you’ve regressed. Each trip around that spiral is something to be celebrated.

Life is a journey of learning and its one hell of a ride!

“May all our relationships be gentle. We are all trauma survivors.”

Hearticulations, Jeff Brown

“Welcome anything new arising within you, that which was always there but had not been expressed. Welcome all the parts of you that have waited and longed to begin forming and grow joyously into view.”

Open Passages: Doors and Windows to the Soul, Susan Frybort


“Imagine a ladder made of Pearly white light, and begin climbing this ladder in your mind’s eye. With every step, allow yourself to breathe in more Pearly white light, clearing your mind and releasing all density and heaviness in your body. Allow yourself to focus on purity, clarity, and the Divine connection between your body, mind, emotions, and soul.

When you feel like you are close to the Divine light, open your arms wide to receive it.

Say, ‘Divine Spirit, I ask you to surround me with your healing light. Please strengthen my connection to your Divine Love and Light.’

Breathe in this light, and feel its fullness pouring into your soul until you feel whole. Then climb down the ladder knowing that you are loved, connected and full of light.”

The Secret Language of Color Cards, Inna Segal Card 25: Pearl – Connect to the Divine

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